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Stableton Financial AG (hereinafter referred to as “we”’, “the company”, “us” or “our”), a Swiss private company headquartered in Poststrasse 24, 6300 Zug, Switzerland, hereto publishes the Terms and Conditions governing its Referral Program.

1. Definitions

1.1 “Referrer”, “Eligible Referrer”, and/or “User” shall mean an existing user of Our services who has registered as a professional private client and who agrees to refer the company’s services to personal contacts in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

1.2. “Potential Referred Users” shall mean friends, family members, acquaintances, and colleagues of the Referrer.

1.3. “Referred User” shall mean the new user of Stableton Financial AG who has been referred by the Referrer in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, has registered as a professional private client, completed the signup process, and has entered the referral code in the relevant field in the signup form but has not yet made the first investment in any of the products offered by Stableton.

1.4. “Referred Investor” shall mean the Referred User who has made the first investment in any of the products offered by Stableton.

1.5. “First investment made” shall mean the first investment made by an investor on Stableton which has been received and recognized as such. Stableton has the right to require the investor to provide Trade confirmation as defined in 1.6.

1.6. “Trade Confirmation” shall mean a receipt of an executed order sent to the “Referred Investor” by the bank or broker which executed the trade order. Trade confirmation is a document used to verify that the transaction has taken place.

1.7. “Referral Program” shall mean the promotional campaign, governed by the terms of this document, and sponsored by the company, in which the Referrer agrees to introduce the Referred to Stableton Financial AG’s services.

1.8. “We” and/or “Stableton” shall mean Stableton Financial AG.

1.9. “Beneficiary” shall mean both Referred Investor or the Referrer, who has completed all the requirements laid out in these Terms and Conditions and is awaiting the delivery of the reward.

2. General Terms

2.1. These Referral Terms and Conditions are published by Stableton Financial AG, a Swiss private company headquartered in Poststrasse 24, 6300 Zug, Switzerland. These Terms and Conditions form a binding agreement for both Referrer and the people who receive our referral invitation.

2.2. This Referral Program permits the Referrer to invite their contacts to participate in one or more Referral Program(s) promoted by Stableton Financial AG.

2.3. Referrer may only invite personal friends, family members, acquaintances, and colleagues to this Referral Program, qualifying them as Potential Referred Users.

2.4. Stableton reserves the right to terminate or change the terms of the Referral Program in its sole discretion without stating the reason. The current Terms and Conditions are published on Stableton webpage (

3. How the Referral Program Works

3.1. Stableton Financial AG shall create a personal referral code, unique to each Eligible Referrer, which will be available to the Referrer under their profile after they log into the Stableton marketplace(

3.2. Each Eligible Referrer is free to use their unique personal referral code to invite Potential Referred Users such as friends, family members, acquaintances, and colleagues to this Referral Program and benefit from the associated rewards.

3.3. To qualify for the reward, the Potential Referred User must insert the referral code in the relevant field on the Stableton signup page, complete the process, make the first investment with Stableton Financial AG a minimum investment of 10k and inform Stableton about completing the investment, thus turning them into a Referred Investor.

3.4. After the previous 3 steps are completed(hereinafter also referred to as the “Referral Loop”), Stableton Financial AG reserves a period of 30 days to review the validity of the Referral Loop, screen for potential fraud, and send the associated reward (see dedicated section below) to both the Referrer and the Referred User.

3.5. In case the reward is in the form of a cash bonus, the Eligible Referrer, and Eligible Referred User will be asked via email to complete and approve via DocuSign a form that will include their payment details and a declaration that they are qualified to receive the reward.

4. Validity of Referrals

4.1. In the context of Stableton Financial AG’s Referral Program that this document governs, a Referral shall be considered complete only if the actions described in subparagraphs 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 are successfully completed.

4.2. For the avoidance of doubt, a potential Stableton Financial AG user who has been referred to its services by a friend, family member, acquaintance and colleague who does not complete the signup process with Stableton Financial AG and make its investment in the marketplace owned by the company is not considered a Referred User.

5. Verified Channels

5.1. Stableton Financial AG shall promote and share relevant information on its Referral Program only through our officially managed channels, including, but not limited to marketplace, e-mail, and mobile app.

5.2. All contacts on behalf of Stableton Financial AG shall be undertaken by a Stableton Financial AG employee and/or via Stableton Financial AG corporate email address with the ‘’ suffix.

6. Reward

6.1. Once Stableton Financial AG confirms the validity of the Referral Loop described in 3.1.-3.3., the company commits to rewarding both the Referrer and the Referred Investor with a CHF 200 bonus

6.2. The reward may be delivered to the beneficiary in the form of cash or gift card/voucher, depending on the beneficiary’s preference.

7. Issuing of Rewards and Offers

7.1. Stableton will pay out the reward foreseen in the previous section by bank transfer to the account provided in the document as specified in 3.5.

7.2. Stableton reserves the right to pay out the reward up to 30 days after the Referral Loop has been successfully completed.

8. Privacy and Information

8.1. All personal information collected and processed as part of this Referral Program will be used in accordance with Stableton Financial AG’s Privacy Policy, available at Under the applicable laws and regulations, Stableton Financial AG shall be responsible for collecting and processing such personal information.

8.2. Referrer undertakes to respect the privacy rights of the people they invite to our Referral Program and direct to our website.

8.3. When referring other people, Referrer must always inform them about the applicable terms and conditions and privacy policy. Referrers must do so before they participate in the Referral Program and leave their personal information.

8.4. Potential Referred Users before enrolling into this Referral Program by completing the steps mentioned in section 3.3., confirm that they understand and consent that information with regard to their status until they have completed their first investment on Stableton may be shared with the Referrer. Information about specific products or investment amounts remains confidential and shall not be shared with the Referrer.

8.5. In order to process the bonus payment (in case the beneficiary chooses to receive the reward in cash), we will ask both Referred Investor and Referrer to provide their bank details. This information will be used only for the purposes of the Referral Program.

9. Completed Referrals and Limit

9.1. A Completed Referral shall be considered after the Referring User refers this Program to one of their contacts, who then complete the above-described Referral Loop.

9.2. By principle, Stableton Financial AG does not enforce any limit of Completed Referrals per Eligible User. However, Stableton Financial AG reserves the right to limit such referrals in the event it has credible fraud suspicions.

9.3. All referred people must be new and first-time Stableton Financial AG users. Existing users cannot participate in and/or benefit directly or indirectly from the Referral Program as a Referred User.

9.4. Referrer and Referred User confirm that all personal information provided by them to Stableton Financial AG is 100% correct and up to date. Stableton Financial AG reserves the right to monitor their use of the Referral Program or request their ID to verify their identity before issuing and/or sending rewards.

10. Restrictions

10.1. This Program cannot be combined with other Stableton Financial AG’s referral programs, discounts, vouchers, benefits, or incentives. By participating in this Referral Program, we may restrict the Referrer from any other promotion, program, discount, or vouchers.

10.2. Referrer understands and agrees that they must not use referral methods that are bothersome to the recipients. Moreover, Referrer’s participation in the Referral Program must not violate the applicable law, including but not limited to anti-Spam legislation or similar regulations on the mass distribution of unsolicited messages.

10.3. Referrer must not publish our Referral Program on any sites or platforms that house any adult content, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, games and online casinos, political content, coupon or review sites, websites that offer the upload or download of illegal content, such as BitTorrent, or house any other form of illegal activities.

10.4. Referrers must not at any time, invite or refer people who are unknown to them.

10.5. Referrer must only use our Referral Program for personal use and refrain from its use for commercial purposes.

11. Non-employment

11.1. Referrer accepts that by participating in Stableton Financial AG’s Referral Program, they are by no means legally considered an employee of the company or mandated by it.

11.2. For the avoidance of doubt, Referrer accepts that under no such case should the company be liable to pay income, social security, or any form of monetary or non-monetary compensation for their participation in this Referral Program other than the reward foreseen in paragraph 6.

12. Term and Termination

12.1. This Referral Program will run until the announced date and that date can be extended or restricted. We may also in our sole discretion notify Users that the Referral Program has ended with immediate effect.

12.2. We may terminate this Referral Program at any time, including Referrer’s participation or the availability of its benefits.

13. Exclusive Relationship

13.1. Referrer understands and agrees that they are only the User of our services and/or products, and refrain from implying any other affiliation or legal relationship with us.

13.2. Referrer understands and agrees that they are never authorized to legally bind Stableton Financial AG.

13.3. Referrer must never create any materials that contain our branding, trademark, or (part of) our corporate identity.

13.4. By participating in the Referral Program Referrer must not represent themselves as a duplicate, agent, or intermediary of our company.

14. Amendments

We may amend the terms and conditions of our Referral Program. We may offer and/or restrict additional incentives, benefits, and programs. As a result, additional terms may apply. The referrer agrees that they are aware of those amended and additional terms.

15. Violations and Termination

15.1. In case we suspect any violations of these terms or otherwise tampering with, fraud, or unreasonable use of our Referral Program, we may in our sole discretion cancel the distribution of any reward.

15.2. If the Referrer is a current or former employee, contractor, or affiliate of our company, we may restrict their participation in the Referral Program, and we may restrict or cancel their participation with immediate effect.

15.3. Referrer must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and refrain from violating any third-party rights. These rights include any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights.

16. Disclaimer and Indemnification

16.1. We offer our Referral Program and its benefits only on an “as is” and “as available” basis. We may remove, change and update the Referral Program at our sole discretion. We will never make any promises or guarantees about the content and information of our Referral Program. We disclaim our responsibility for any information that is incorrect or has errors.

16.2. Our Referral Program is based on our best efforts. The referrer acknowledges and agrees that we can never guarantee any benefit or result from participating in the Referral Program.

16.3. Referrer will defend, indemnify, and hold Stableton Financial AG harmless from and against all claims, damages, liabilities, losses, expenses, and costs (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of their participation in the Referral Program.

17. No Correspondence, Disputes and Refunds

With regard to the distribution of discounts, vouchers, incentives, prizes, awards, or other benefits, no correspondence will be entered into. Moreover, we shall never respond to any complaint or accept any dispute about the Referral Program, and the abovementioned benefits are provided “as is” and we never refund or exchange such benefits.

18. Clause and Contract Integrity

In the event one or more clauses of these Terms and Conditions is legally challenged and/or deemed invalid by a competent authority, that shall not render the remainder of the document invalid unless explicitly determined so by the competent authority.

19. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Swiss law shall exclusively apply and the judicial system of the canton of Zug shall be exclusively competent to hear any claim that may arise out of these terms.

Liability for content

As a service provider we are responsible according to § 7 Abs.1 TMG for our own contents on these pages according to the general laws. According to §§ 8 to 10 TMG, we are not obliged to monitor transmitted or stored third-party information or to investigate circumstances that indicate illegal activity. Obligations to remove or block the use of information in accordance with general laws remain unaffected by this. However, liability in this respect is only possible from the time of knowledge of a concrete violation of the law. As soon as we become aware of such infringements, we will remove the content immediately.

Liability for links

Our offer contains links to external websites of third parties on whose contents we have no influence. Therefore, we cannot assume any liability for these external contents. The respective provider or operator of the pages is always responsible for the contents of the linked pages. The linked pages were checked for possible legal infringements at the time of linking. Illegal contents were not recognisable at the time of linking. A permanent control of the contents of the linked pages is not reasonable without concrete evidence of an infringement. As soon as we become aware of any legal infringements, we will remove such links immediately.


The contents and works on these pages created by the site operators are subject to German copyright law. Duplication, processing, distribution and any form of commercialization of such material beyond the scope of the copyright law shall require the prior written consent of its respective author or creator. Downloads and copies of these pages are only permitted for private, non-commercial use. Insofar as the content on this site was not created by the operator, the copyrights of third parties are respected. In particular, contents of third parties are marked as such. Should you nevertheless become aware of a copyright infringement, please inform us accordingly. As soon as we become aware of any infringements, we will remove such content immediately.

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