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Stableton overcomes the barriers to making growth equity accessible, profitable and understandable - for everyone!


Empowering visionary investors to achieve prosperity and make an impact on society by backing the shapers and leaders of tomorrow.

From left to right: Carmine Meoli (Head of Key Account), Roman Loosli (CTO), Konstantin Heiermann (CFO), Andreas Bezner (CEO), Vinzent Zerner (Head of Staff & Enablement)

Swiss Fintech Award 2022

Stableton was named 'Growth Stage Startup of the Year' by the Swiss Fintech Award for our commitment to challenging the boundaries of conventional portfolio construction.

Who We Are and What We Do

Stableton is an award-winning fintech platform and an investment firm specializing in private markets. Institutional and qualified investors benefit from our sourcing of outstanding growth companies and the creation of unique top-tier investment opportunities with improved liquidity. Our unique position and differentiated approach within the ecosystem, combined with a tech-enabled investment process, enable us to act on the most attractive deals, generating returns for investors.

Our Team

Introducing the diverse and deeply experienced team, inspiring Stableton to make private-market investments accessible, profitable, and understandable - for everyone!

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  • Andreas Bezner, CFA

    Andreas Bezner, CFA

    Managing Partner / CEO & CIO

  • Konstantin Heiermann

    Konstantin Heiermann

    Managing Partner & CFO

  • Igor Shelemetiev

    Igor Shelemetiev

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Freddie Cunningham

    Freddie Cunningham

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Christian Schmid

    Christian Schmid

    Head of Investments

  • Roman Loosli

    Roman Loosli

    Chief Technology Officer

Product and Technology
  • Vinzent Zerner

    Vinzent Zerner

    Head of Staff and Enablement

  • Jurgis Orups

    Jurgis Orups

    Head of Engineering

  • Andrei Urodkov

    Andrei Urodkov

    Product Manager

  • Paolo Altomare

    Paolo Altomare

    Investment Manager

  • Andranik Gzoghyan

    Andranik Gzoghyan

    Investment Manager

  • Dragan Bacivan

    Dragan Bacivan

    Deal Sourcing Manager

  • Jan Ferencz

    Jan Ferencz

    Investment Analyst

  • Peter Demuth

    Peter Demuth

    Investment Associate

  • Stephanie Mair

    Stephanie Mair

    Investment Associate

  • Victor Grenaudier

    Victor Grenaudier

    Investment Analyst

  • Carmine Meoli

    Carmine Meoli

    Head of Key Accounts

  • Andreas Ruhlmann

    Andreas Ruhlmann

    Senior Investor Solutions - Direct Clients

  • Diego Zanetti

    Diego Zanetti

    Investor Solutions - Institutional

  • Jonas Lindblom

    Jonas Lindblom

    Investor Solutions Institutional Clients

  • Joseph Geagea

    Joseph Geagea

    Sales Management

  • Marc Luginbühl

    Marc Luginbühl

    Investor Solutions - Institutional

  • Maria Kupriyanova

    Maria Kupriyanova

    Sales Management

  • Marios Vettas

    Marios Vettas

    Sales Enablement

  • Matthias Hossinger

    Matthias Hossinger

    Head of Investor Solutions - Direct Clients

  • Nicolas Ward

    Nicolas Ward

    Sales Development Representative

  • Nicolo Abbate

    Nicolo Abbate

    Investor Solutions - Financial intermediaries

  • Philippe Branche

    Philippe Branche

    Investor Solutions - Direct Clients

  • Philipp Egger

    Philipp Egger

    Investor Solutions - Direct Clients

  • Robin Goldhagen

    Robin Goldhagen

    Investor Solutions - Direct Clients

  • Shebin Mundadan

    Shebin Mundadan

    Investor Solutions - Direct Clients

  • Thierry Lüthi

    Thierry Lüthi

    Investor Solutions - Direct Clients

  • Dominik Ess

    Dominik Ess

    Investor Solutions

Legal, Finance, and Structuring
  • Jan Lazar

    Jan Lazar

    Head of Structuring & Regulation

  • David Schoeb

    David Schoeb

    Junior Accounting Manager

  • Nicolas Finsterwald

    Nicolas Finsterwald

    Investment Operations Analyst

  • Iva Cerna

    Iva Cerna

    Junior Structuring Manager

  • Sandra Chattopadhyay

    Sandra Chattopadhyay

    Head of Content & Communications

  • Lars Leibundgut

    Lars Leibundgut

    Private Market Program Manager

  • Alexander Antic

    Alexander Antic

    Strategic Content Advisor

  • Mikelis Bērzinš

    Mikelis Bērzinš

    Digital Marketer

  • Paul Gibson

    Paul Gibson

    Senior Investment Writer

  • Jan Hildebrand

    Jan Hildebrand

  • Jan Vichr

    Jan Vichr

  • Lukas Weber

    Lukas Weber

  • Marc Lussy

    Marc Lussy

  • Massimo Carassinu

    Massimo Carassinu

  • Thoran Thegemey

    Thoran Thegemey

  • Rudolf Schmidt

    Rudolf Schmidt

  • Ivan Popovic

    Ivan Popovic

Our Core Values

We believe it is very important to understand the needs of our customers and offer appropriate solutions. We measure our success by their success.


We continuously challenge the status quo and conventional wisdom - nothing is impossible


We are entrepreneurial, courageous, and ambitious and will overcome the greatest challenges and obstacles.


We trust and support each other, celebrating our success and growth together.


We understand and focus on the opportunities that will make the strongest impact on society.


Vision, creativity, and innovation are part of our DNA. We strive for excellence in everything we do

Watch Our Event Video

At Stableton, we host regular events to enable our clients and prospects to meet and engage with our approachable team of experts. This facilitates a non-binding ('zero commitment') knowledge and insight transfer relating to the fascinating fields of alternative investments and private markets. Our clients find these events both helpful and enjoyable and are subsequently keen to share their experiences with others. Please click below to view a sample video of one such event.

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ThemesNov 22, 2022

The Everything Bubble

Diversification is difficult when all mainstream asset prices are aligned

Stableton’s flow of quality deal opportunities and smooth transaction process is second to none.

Dr. Bernd Pfister

CEO of Paros Capital, Co-Founder Invision Private Equity and SECA Chairman

It is very refreshing to see Stableton disrupting direct venture capital investments through focus, innovation, and technology-enabled processes. Top-notch deals are just the logical consequence of their highly professional work.

Marco Martelli

Partner of Invision Private Equity

We are more than satisfied with the performance of our investments. Some of the exclusive pre-IPO deals that we did with Stableton resulted in outsized valuation developments of the companies already within the first year.

Georg-Andrea Hunger

Astraia Family Office

Stableton was very quick in grasping the transformative impact of business on the global mobility sector. They share our vision "to change mobility for good", and we are looking forward to having them on board for the next stages of growth.

Lawrence Leuschner

CEO and Co-Founder Tier Mobility SE

Our success as a rapidly growing fintech lender has been due to our ability to strongly drive loan book growth with minimal writes offs. We highly value investors who understand our business model and the importance of our innovative yet rigorous risk management. Stableton offers the optimal combination of advice, market access, and quick and reliable governance processes in order to act as a trusting partner

Dr. Alfred Gruber

Co-Founder and CEO of Fulfin

It was a great experience working with Stableton during our last funding round and secondary transaction. We are happy to count Stableton among our shareholders and are looking forward to our journey together.

Renaud Laplanche

Co-Founder and CEO of Upgrade Inc.

With Stableton, Andreas and Konstantin built a dedicated, professional, and reliable team that succeeded in gaining access to rare and high-quality investment opportunities that are selectively chosen and thoroughly reviewed before approval. Thus, at a remarkable pace, Stableton became known as one of the premier fintech platforms and investment firms for growth-stage companies in Switzerland and abroad.

Ingo Drexler

Founding Partner altitude, ex-CIO Mountain Partners


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Swiss Fintech Award 2022

Stableton was named 'Growth Stage Startup of the Year' by the Swiss Fintech Award for our commitment to challenging the boundaries of conventional portfolio construction.

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