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World Improvement Will Come From Disruptive Companies

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April 3rd, 2020


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Carmine Meoli

“World improvement will come from disruptive companies,” claims Carmine Meoli, Stableton’s co-founder and head of key accounts, convincingly. In an exclusive interview with Asset Rush, he underlined the value of alternative investments in today’s ecosystem and how Stableton is contributing. Private markets have generally been characterized by a lack of transparency and access, with only the largest institutional investors able to reap their countless benefits. But the landscape has considerably altered in recent years.

For Carmine Meoli, “to invest in the big disruptors of today, whether it’s fintech, space tech, climate tech, or the metaverse, you have to go into the private markets to access them,”. And while access has historically been reserved for major institutional investors, Stableton has stepped in to change the dynamics. “We solve two things at the same time: We democratize these investments (private markets) for a broader audience, and we bring capital to startups, disruptors, and solutions of the future we believe in,” Carmine said. Through the perspective of his lengthy career in finance, he also provided insightful commentary on how Stableton is overcoming the historical obstacles of the private markets. “First, we bring investment minimum sizes down. Second, we give access to deals that 90% of investors do not have access to. Third, we securitize them into bankable products”.

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