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Stableton partners with Colb to Tokenize Pre-IPO Portfolio Opportunities

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June 14th, 2024


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BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has notably stated, “The future of finance lies in tokenization.” Echoing this sentiment, Hamilton Lane co-CEO Erik Hirsch added, "The future of private equity will be tokenized."

We are excited to bring this future to you today!

We are thrilled to announce a partnership between Stableton and Colb, aimed at bringing growth equity and pre-IPO opportunities on-chain, through Stableton's systematic portfolio approach and preferred access.

Colb, a Geneva-based fintech, pioneered Switzerland's first USD stablecoin fully backed by dollar equivalents held in Swiss banks and compliant with FINMA's stringent regulations, the $USC. Colb is a leader in financial asset tokenization, extending beyond T-bills with its innovative Tokenized Structured Product (TKSP) framework. This framework provides easy access to highly sought-after financial products via the blockchain.

Through this partnership, Colb’s $USC stablecoin can be seamlessly exchanged for TKSPs. These TKSPs are backed by and mirror the performance of the Stableton Unicorn Index AMC, a portfolio encompassing pre-IPO opportunities in companies like OpenAI, Kraken, and Discord. To participate, users onboard themselves through Colb’s WebApp.

This collaboration aligns with Stableton's vision of creating a financial ecosystem where everyone has equitable and seamless access to institutional-class investment opportunities. By working together, Stableton and Colb are taking a significant step towards democratizing private market investing.

Introducing the Stableton Unicorn Index AMC

Learn how an allocation to the most exciting and rapidly growing privately held companies can help to boost your portfolio.

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