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Webinar: What Boundaries? Stableton and Swissquote Democratize Private Markets

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May 31st, 2023





In a recent and highly enlightening webinar hosted by Swissquote Bank, two financial industry stalwarts discussed the future of Venture Capital (VC) investments. Andreas Bezner, the CEO of Stableton, and Robin Lemann, the Head of Institutional Sales at Swissquote, shared insights on the democratization of the VC sector. This meeting of minds aimed to empower individuals to venture into an area traditionally dominated by institutional investors.

Watch the full webinar here:
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Innovating Access to Venture Capital

Andreas, our CEO, introduced Stableton's new venture capital index product, created in collaboration with Swissquote and Morningstar Indexes. This innovative product aims to democratize VC investments by making them accessible and liquid for private investors. This means that individuals can now invest in high-potential startup companies, often called 'unicorns', with investments as low as 100 USD.

Predicting the Evolution of Venture Capital

Andreas drew on his 20-year experience to predict the future of VC. He believes that VC, like the stock markets, will evolve from expensive, actively managed funds to more affordable, data-driven ones. In addition, he sees a future where investing is guided by transparent and passive selection logic, with Stableton playing a pivotal role as a uniquely positioned partner.

The Trading Dynamics Explained

The conversation then shifted to the mechanics of trading this new product. Robin from Swissquote highlighted that this new product would be tradeable through an AMC (Actively Managed Certificate) with a Swiss ISIN. Like any other tracker certificate or ETF, investors can subscribe to this product, and after that, it can be traded in the secondary market.

Deciphering Fees and Secondary Market Behaviour

Fees and secondary market behavior formed the next part of their discussion. First, Andreas explained the regulatory constraints and briefly expanded on the fee structure.

The Ideal Investment Horizon

Addressing investment horizons, Andreas encouraged a long-term view. He emphasized the compounding effect of high returns over several years, advocating for an investment strategy of being regularly invested over an extended period.

Wrapping up: Invitation to Venture

In their closing remarks, Robin and Andreas encouraged investors to venture into this new, exciting space. They emphasized that the product is data-driven and not based on personal opinions, thus ensuring a transparent investment process.

This engaging conversation should contribute to opening doors of Venture Capital to private investors. Now is the time to explore this new avenue and start the journey towards potentially high returns. Whether you are an experienced investor or venturing into investing for the first time, Andreas, Robin, and their teams look forward to supporting investors in their venture capital journey.

Introducing the Stableton Unicorn Index AMC

Learn how an allocation to the most exciting and rapidly growing privately held companies can help to boost your portfolio.

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