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CEO Talk (2/9) - Private Markets - The New Home of Capital Formation

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November 12th, 2022





Bill Kelly, the President and CEO of CAIA, sat down with Stableton’s CEO Andreas Bezner to discuss various topics driving private markets today. This 3:13-minute video is the second in a series of excerpts from that 26-minute conversation. Find out why our CEO thinks the private markets are the new home of capital formation, and why we appear to be getting closer to squaring the peg, which is enjoying the long-term outperformance of private market equity investing and value creation, but with an improvement in liquidity. Andreas and Bill cover how recent developments make it possible for investors to employ long-term strategies without being subject to short-term reporting or disruption by activist investors. At the same time, increased liquidity is coming to the market through secondary transactions that are facilitating price discovery.

Here's the video of the complete conversation between Andreas and Bill. 26 well-invested minutes into private market insights:

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