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CEO Talk (3/9) - Investment Professionals Called To Task As Private Market Allocations Rise

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November 17th, 2022


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Bill Kelly, the President and CEO of CAIA, sat down with Stableton’s CEO Andreas Bezner to discuss various topics driving private markets today. This 4:11-minute video is the second in a series of excerpts from that 26-minute conversation. Private markets have experienced significant inflows in recent years, and despite current market conditions, this trend is unbroken. While retail investors appear to have been the engine of recent asset growth, in many jurisdictions pension funds and other institutional allocators are still exploring the possibilities. Find out what qualities our CEO believes will separate professional providers of access to private market investments from pure asset-gatherers. Watch as he outlines that reporting to two masters (shareholders and beneficiaries) may not be a contradiction at all.

Here's the video of the complete conversation between Andreas and Bill. 26 well-invested minutes into private market insights:

Private Markets - What Investors do in today's environment

Discover how investors adapt to current realities and gain insights from their private market investment strategies in our complimentary whitepaper.

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