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CEO Talk (1/9) – Democratization Of Private Markets Requires Fiduciary Responsibility

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October 25th, 2022


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Bill Kelly, the President and CEO of CAIA, sat down with Stableton’s CEO Andreas Bezner to discuss various topics driving private markets today. This 2:50-minute video is the first in a series of excerpts from that 30 minute conversation. Find out what our CEO considers the most important implication of the tendency for companies to stay longer and generate more value. Andreas and Bill touch on the aspect of how fiduciary duty must look like, and what mistakes must be avoided, in times when more and more people are getting access to interesting industries and verticals through private market investments.

Here's the video of the complete conversation between Andreas and Bill. 25 well-invested minutes into private market insights:

Private Markets - What Investors do in today's environment

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