Revolutionizing an entire industry is exciting but not easy. That’s why we can’t do it alone.


Stableton is a gateway to alternative investments and enabler for innovation. Innovation is what drives us: Our vision is to give individuals the possibility to invest like an institutional investor. The platform allows us to bundle demand from investors around the world, reduce costs and create a simple, elegant investment experience. 

Stableton gives investors access to alternative investments. For example, hedge funds, startups or alternative lending. Now, why are we doing this? Startups, for instance, help to revolutionize the world as we know it.  

From Apple over Amazon to Tesla: all of those companies began as a startup and changed the world substantially. So our mission is to enable our customers to invest in such disruptive innovations.

Until today, these investments remain excessively intransparent, expensive and time-consuming for the individual investor. Allocation to the most powerful funds has usually been reserved for larger professionals and institutions. Stableton disrupts the market and enables everybody to participate.


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We are continuously challenging the status quo & speak up when we disagree.



We celebrate our success together, we support & trust each other & grow together. 

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We understand & focus on the biggest opportunities.

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We strive for innovation & excellence, creativity is part of our DNA.

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We are entrepreneurial together - we embrace challenges & ship the solution.


Stableton Financial AG, Zurich, is a rapidly growing smart financial technology company. 

Stableton Financial’s alternative investment Fintech platform is Europe’s leading gateway for qualified investors and financial advisors seeking access to world-class absolute return strategies and alternative investments such as hedge funds, startups, alternative lending, and real estate.

Join us as we continue hiring new team members. 

We combine financial technology, deep investment know-how, structuring expertise, an innovative distribution platform and an intelligent sourcing engine to innovate and disrupt a USD 21 trillion market opportunity.