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Gain access to exclusive top-tier, growth-equity investments from an inspiring partner dedicated to delivering superior risk-adjusted returns

Relentless exploration and analysis of the investment landscape have enabled us to establish an enviable track record of providing capital, and investor access, to some of the most enduring technology luminaries globally.

At the Edge of Disruption

Benefit from our extensive sector expertise, high conviction, and sole focus on the private technology ecosystem. Concentrating on four distinct sectors enables us to capture the most compelling investment opportunities.


The global USD 23 trillion financial services industry is undergoing transformation and disruption across all dimensions and subsectors, including digital banking, payment systems, alternative finance, blockchain curation, financial data, and insurtech.

B2B SaaS

B2B SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is a business model that is based on recurring subscriptions and revenues which offer an affordable solution for clients and earnings visibility for providers. In addition, the B2B concept promotes more competitive pricing, greater flexibility, higher adoption rates, and client retention.

Consumer Tech

Consumer behavior is changing faster than ever before, disrupting supply chains and entire industries. The increasing role of influencers, demand for multiple payment options and the preference for 'sustainable' products are just a few of the themes driving innovation and opportunity.


The mobility sector has been experiencing substantial changes as a result of the rapid expansion of new technologies, with semiconductors and sensors as the primary focal areas, all of which contribute to the advancement of driver assistance systems and autonomous driving.

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