Get access to Europe’s hottest, and fastest-growing early-stage companies

Stableton users are investing alongside world-leading investors.

Protection: Diversification across sectors, stages, and geographies, thereby mitigating the traditionally higher risk
of investing in a single company.

Innovation: Help create a better world by backing companies that innovate and can have a positive impact on our society.

Easy Implementation: Participate in venture investing without the hassle of traditional structures and paperwork.

Efficient Access to Swiss and European Early Stage and Growth Companies


Profit from public market, takeover or control premiums, while at the same time benefiting from the continued growth of the portfolio winners until their realization. Benefit from immediate diversification of your venture capital exposure by buying into an existing portfolio with a low minimum of CHF 10’000.

Startups and Venture Capital as an Asset Class

Many investors wish to participate in the significant upside potential that presents itself by being an early backer of the leading companies of tomorrow. As an investor, you might one day even pride yourself of having accompanied a future unicorn from the early days to successfully going public with a USD billion-plus valuation.

The product invests, among others, in startup and early-stage growth companies in Switzerland and Europe across sectors, stages, and geographies, with the aim of participating in potential returns over the long term.

Liquidity Advantage

Gain broad exposure to multiple startup and growth companies in Switzerland and Europe through a single bankable product with a Swiss ISIN.

Immediate Diversification

Diversification across multiple companies, sectors, stages, and geographies, while mitigating the traditionally high default risk of investing in a single start up or growth company.

Invest in the Winners

Co-invest with world-class  venture capital firms and other highly reputed experts

Invest Like the Top Institutional Investors


Stableton’s unique investment platform offers investors exclusive access to highly attractive, top-tier, and otherwise hard-to-access investment opportunities with very low minimums, starting at USD 10,000. We do not charge any monthly cost, free registration. Get notified about new investment opportunities. Registration in 60 seconds and the membership is free of charge. No credit cards, no strings attached.

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Media Coverage

“Investments in hedge funds and other alternative financial products are not readily available for retail customers. A Swiss fintech aims to change this.”
“Stableton Financial AG aims to give private and mid-sized investors access to alternative investments with the launch of a “first-of-its-kind” platform, reports Jane Connolly.”
“Das Zürcher Fintech Stableton, das Investieren in Hedge-Fonds der Allgemeinheit zugänglich machen will, hat einen neuen Managing Partner. Der kommt von einer alternativen Investment-Bank.”
“Stableton Financial (Stableton), a European platform for Alternative Investments, and securitisation specialist GENTWO are entering into a strategic cooperation.”
“Stableton Financial (Stableton) has launched a startup & venture programme as a part of the firm’s alternative investments platform which was announced earlier this year. ”
“Das Startup & Venture-Programm richtet sich an qualifizierte Investoren, und insbesondere an Finanzintermediäre, die ihren Kunden einen effizienten Zugang zu schweizerischen und europäischen Early-Stage- und Wachstumsunternehmen ermöglichen wollen.”

What Our Investors and Partners Say About Us

The space technology market is valued at $200 billion and is set to grow even further. With 629 companies active in the sector as of June 2021, it has solid foundations for growth.

Space Technology


The Metaverse and 3D gaming world is the closest experience in existence today, offering a market revenue opportunity close to $800 billion by 2024.



Already worth hundreds of $ billions, this market is set to grow much further over the years to come. The IoT is one of the few technologies to impact almost every facet of our lives.

Internet of Things


The high growth and adoption of blockchain solutions in areas like banking and cybersecurity are making venture capitalists increasingly tap into Blockchain.



With the robotics market forecast to grow by 4x from 2020 to 2026, venture capital is tapping into the potential of robotics start-ups.



AI is changing our world. Overall, the technology holds a market revenue potential that is expected to almost quadruple to +$120 billion by 2025 from +$30 billion in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence


We love working with Andreas, Konstantin, and the entire team. Stableton understands to break down complex investment topics and structural challenges, reshaping how investors can access the world of innovative alternative finance. As such they have become a very reliable and valuable partner for us in the past three years and we are looking forward to further grow our relationship in the years to come.

Bastian Bolesta

CEO & Managing Partner at Deep Field Capital

It was a great experience working with Stableton during our last funding round and secondary transaction. We are happy to count Stableton among our shareholders and are looking forward to our journey together.

Renaud Laplanche

Co-Founder and CEO at Upgrade, Inc.

We are impressed how Stableton built its position in alternatives within such a short time frame. We are happy to have partnered with Stableton to allow even more investors access to our investments in a diversified way through a certificate. Looking forward to extending our partnership in 2021. 

Mike Hobmeier

CIO at Verve Ventures

Investing in alternatives can be tedious at best. The viability of products is often hard to determine. Stableton has established a reputation for performance. Products are pre-screened and validated which reduces risk exposure.

Johannes von Rohr

Managing Partner at Alpha Founders Capital

The entire Stableton Marketplace is smooth and very easy to navigate. The technology takes out the complexity usually associated with the long, complicated process of investing. Especially for someone like me, who never has enough time, the ease of use is something I highly value.


Hannes Eitel

Co-Founder at TwoReach

I strongly think the people behind Stableton can revolutionize an entire industry with its marketplace.






Stefan Schmitt

Project Manager at Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

I’m impressed by the unique investment opportunities that Stableton has brought to its marketplace. Their selection shows me that they have both access to top managers as well as a thorough due diligence process. Picking the right investments and the right partners at the right time is crucial, and I trust Stableton to help me navigate through difficult times.

Roger Bär

Senior Vice President

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