Carmine Meoli, Co-Founder & Investor Solutions

Carmine is the co-founder of Stableton Financial, and his core belief is that the company should aim to reshape the industry through its marketplace for alternative investments. With over 20-years of experience in the finance sector as a client-facing financial to professional, Carmine has seen it all. Across these two decades, he has worked within business development, structuring, product marketing, sales management, and much more. He has also worked closely with financial engineers, derivative traders, and international wealth managers over his career and he prides himself on his thorough understanding of market behaviour, financial instruments, fundamental analysis, and stock market analytics.

As a co-founder of the company, Carmine Meoli has been with Stableton Financial from the very beginning in 2018, as well as being the head of sales and business development since the beginning of 2019. He describes his goal at SF as bJa eing to steer his team and projects from initiation to fruition to produce tangible results. 

What initially drew you to Stableton Financial, and what do you remember from your early days?  

‘That’s an easy one. I loved the vision — the idea of building a marketplace in a highly attractive but fragmented asset class like alternative investments. I am a conscious investor, and I tend to ponder over financial decisions for days on end, but not so with Stableton. I knew right there and then that I was talking to the right people, at the right time, with the right mindset, and the right business idea.’

Carmine describes his role at the company as a team player and a collaborator, capable of leading and motivating others to successful outcomes. His day-to-day work includes assisting clients on formulating tradeable and bankable investment objectives by designing and structuring optimal investment vehicles. Not only does he assist in building new businesses from scratch, but he has vast experience in managing and leading existing teams to get the very best out of them.

What is your main job at Stableton Financial and what are your main tasks?

‘Luckily, my main occupation is to interact with our clients, helping them to find the best solutions for their individual investment needs. No two clients are the same. One size fits one, and that is what I enjoy so much about my job here at Stableton: It’s a people’s business.’

Carmine has held several important roles in the financial sector throughout his career, including his current position at Stableton Financial. Carmine also worked as executive director at Bank Vontobel AG, executive director at Leonteq, managing director at the Royal Bank of Canada, director at the Royal Bank of Scotland, and director at Deutsche Bank Securities. 

Can you tell us about your experience in the financial sector?

‘Since the deregulation of the financial markets in the late 1980s, the financialisation of the entire economy has unleashed a spectacular growth in the volume of financial assets, as well as the balance sheets of the financial institutions which enjoyed a quasi-monopoly in the domain of financial markets. However, I see this era coming to an end and a new one being born. Never a dull day in the financial markets!’

Technology and finance have always gone hand-in-hand, but in this modern developing world, its influence is arguably stronger than ever.

How important is technology in the modern-day financial industry?

‘I have been in banking for over two decades and, for as long as I remember, technology has always played an important role in finance. But, the speed at which technology is disrupting and changing banking and finance nowadays is on an entirely different level. So, to give you a short answer to your question: technology is everything in today’s financial industry.’

As someone with over two decades worth of experience in the financial sector, Carmine has plenty of knowledge, tips, and stories to pass on to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

What is the best investment opportunity you have ever come across?

‘Stableton Financial AG.’

What about the worst or weirdest?

‘I have missed buying a property in London at the beginning of the millennium despite having had the mortgage approved and ready.’

What would your advice to any fundraising entrepreneurs at the start of their journey be?

‘Be passionate about your product/services and be surrounded by the right people.’ 

What should entrepreneurs watch out for and what should they avoid?

‘Watch out for cash burn rates and avoid hubris.’

Why should people choose Stableton Financial?

‘If they are looking for real alternatives to their traditional stocks and bond portfolio and want to be able to access the best managers and strategies in class, then they will end-up with Stableton sooner or later. We do the paperwork, research, due diligence, and securitisation for them, as well as assisting them throughout the lifecycle of their investments.’  

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